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Sunshine Wattle

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15ml Stock Bottle: An energetic imprint of Sunshine Wattle,  60% Purified Water / 40% Organic Alcohol

Sunshine Wattle is one of the earliest winter flowers and as it opens in the bushland it lifts hearts and enlivens, when many of us are feeling the grey of winter, mentally and emotionally. 

As an essence its communication of up-liftment and joy is enriched by a profound centring and energising of our solar plexus . This process of enlivening the solar plexus chakra strengthens self esteem and confidence and encourages engagement in life.  The Sunshine Wattle essence supports generosity and a sense of abundance and wellbeing.  Often when we perceive our lives without light or connection we begin to shut down and withdraw. For many of us we do this naturally in winter or when there is less light. This essence gives us the support to step forward and generate our own light, and to give that light generously in confidence of its abundance. 

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