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Pink Flannel Flower or Actinotus forsythia is a rare form of Flannel Flower found on the cliff edges in the highlands of the Southern reaches of the Great Barrier Range on the eastern coast of Australia.  This plant was for many years considered a botanical fiction. After 1997 as the rate of wild fire became more common on the higher levels of the ranges, the Pink Flannel Flower began to bloom more often.  It is not endangered, however is only seen above 800meters  on the ridges after fire and subsequent rain. It can be one of the first sources of food for insects, small mammals and birds after the divesting fires we see here. Its presence coming up from the ashes brings a strong sense of relief and hearts joy. It is a flower the locals take joy in. Often when the news of its flowering spreads through the small communities there is a constant stream of visitors to the flowering sites.

This image was taken on the Narrowneck Plateau Rd Katoomba 2013 after a controlled burn, fire hazard reduction.

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