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Rutilated Smoky Quartz

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As Smokey Quartz it's effect as an essence is to Illuminate those things normally held in Darkness. In using this essence it is possible to move towards the proper release of Kundalini. The Mental, Emotional and Astral Bodies are better aligned. There can be a specific alignment of Base, Second and Third chakras. This Gem Essence acts to draw Light/Energy into the physical form. People attracted to this essence are often in the process of deep transformation and/or feel the need to look deeply within.

 The inclusion of rutile crystals adds a dynamic dimension to the Smoky Quartz in this essence. The assimilation of Life Force is catalyzed and the illumination of the electrical properties of the body are enhanced. All chakras and subtle bodies are aligned. People drawn to this essence are often needing to integrate strength and life energy. They are often looking for Joy or need to pull back the curtains behind which parts of themselves are hidden. 

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