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Green Fluorite

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Isometric CaF2

An Essence which neutralises negative energies and  cleanses the aura, chakras and mental body.  It communicates deep calm, balance, order and clarity to every aspect of how we perceive our lives and environment.  Stimulating communication between the heart and crown chakra’s and initiating a return to the natural state of union between these two chakras. Grounding us in the present without limiting our awareness.  A deep level of calm rises within the heart, supporting a healing process of both heart and mind based issues from the awareness of loving insight.  The essence strengthens our intuition to understand issues rising from the subconscious.  It is a very calming process that gives great courage. Courage needed to begin to venture beyond our conditioned view of ourselves, and our habitual perceptions. An essence which is helpful at the beginning of personal growth and when we need strength to maintain the courage and inspiration to continue our personal path.

Chakras : Heart and Crown

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