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Isometric CaF2 (Calcium Fluoride)

Communicates balance between the intuitive wisdom and the logical mind bringing clarity, peace and confidence. This is a deeply calming essence where calm arises from balance between the logical earthly understanding and intuition, an acceptance of the physical as in complete accord with the infinite. The blue aspects of the Fluorite allow the balance of the inner or intuitive wisdom and the logical mind to integrate, so much so that tensions in voicing ones thoughts and deeper emotions calm, and clarity of expression, develops.   The essence assists us to bring order and clarity to seemingly vastly disparate energies, ideas and perception. Decreasing stress, in our mental, bio-magnetic and light bodies.

Chakras :- Crown and Transpersonal Chakras, Third eye, Throat and 2nd Chakra.

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Communicates deep calm and balance.  Stimulates the throat and crown chakras, balancing and revitalizing the energy flowing through them.  Assists to bring into thought and language, aspects of intuition and other concepts not easily communicated in speech, with calmness and clarity, clear concise communication.

All levels of communication are calmed and revitalized in the physical, bio-magnetic and light bodies.  The essence promotes peace, mental calmness and serenity.  An Essence which supports meditation, as it is grounding, opening awareness of being present in here and now while dispelling any conflicts in energy with the awareness of Crown chakra energies.

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