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15ml Stock Bottle: Energetic imprint of Silk, 60% Purified Water / 40% Organic Alcohol 

DESCRIPTION: This Essence communicates the support and protective enviroment needed during periods of transformation.  Insulating without isolation.  Trust in the integrity of life insulates us as we transform and allows us to offer our thoughts and perceptions to benefit to all and strengthen what we value in the world.

 We often see our internal processes, particularly our thoughts as private and not within our direct control. Silk Essence communicates an insight into the process of conscious generation of thought. Reminding us that we can generate thought and even our perception as a gift for the wellbeing of ourselves, and others. This path of generating thought consciously can create freedom, clear perception and compassion

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Silk is excreted by the "silkworm" as part of its preparation for the total transformation of the cocoon. Sometimes when we are entering a period of change it can feel as absolute as that of the silk worm entering the cocoon. This Essence can act to communicate the safety and insulation of the silk cocoon, for the support of deep transformation of identity. 

Our perceptions and thoughts create a lattice of consciousness that holds and channels our awareness. This lattice of thoughts and perceptions can limit us in our thoughts and behaviour and our ability to engage with others. This Essence communicates to us the possible path of, generating thought and perception as gift or service for the well being of all beings, ourselves and others. This path of generating thought consciously can create  freedom, clear perception and compassion. It is trust in the truth of being that insulates the transforming life and allows the offering of our very thoughts and perceptions.

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