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Petrified Red Coral

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15ml Stock Bottle: Energetic imprint of Petrified Red Coral, 60% Purified Water / 40% Organic Alcohol

DESCRIPTION: Coral essence facilitates our acceptance of supportive of structures which are often perceived as external. Assists us to realise and engage with concepts, social structures and habits as the constructs they are, accepting their assistance yet not limited by them.

An essence which also supports us to be come more aware of the way our thoughts, habits, words and actions create both internal and external scaffolding for our engagement in life

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This essence is made with a piece of petrified Red Coral, received as a gift in support of the development of the Oil of Lapis Light. This piece of Red Coral is not the hollow red coral often found available but a piece petrified with a portion of the coral still within its exo-skeleton. 

The skeleton of the coral is excreted to allow the vertical movement, growth, protection and support of the coral. This essence of petrified Red Coral communicates or inspires the building of the mental, emotional and physical structure needed in support of spiritual or trans-personal realization and development. Along this line this essence can also support the acceptance of support from what is usually perceived as external. 

On a population level this process is seen when an individual attains high levels of realisation or enlightenment and begins to teach that path. Or the processes and teachings they give are taken up by others, in the support of spiritual realisation. These practices and understandings go on after the individual has passed on. This is reflected by the fact that after the coral dies its skeleton remains and is often the home for other creatures or sought after for its beauty by humanity. 


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