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15ml Stock Bottle: Energetic imprint of Paterson's Curse, 60% Purified Water / 40% Organic Alcohol

DESCRIPTION: Dark Pearl essence communicates a soft light and inner radiance. Opening us to a path of, transforming irritation to kindness. The Dark Pearl essence brings the focus of transformation more into our unconscious than the Light Pearl, illuminating those areas we hold below everyday acknowledgement.  The Dark Pearl essence is less uplifting in action as it facilitates us to go deeper into our subconscious. There is also a strong communication of gratitude blossoming into generosity.

Supporting us to allow long held suffering into the light gently. Transforming long held aspects of life, which irritate and disturb our joy, into fuel for luminous awareness and a generous heart.

Charkras: Crown, 2nd Chakra

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Communicates a path of luminescence. Energizes and integrates the 2nd and Crown chakra, bringing a luminous awareness and engagement in life. Stimulating generosity. This essence also brings with it aspects of gratitude and access to our unconscious.  Transforming aspects of everyday life, which irritate and disturb our joy, into fuel for luminous awareness and generosity of heart.

This is an uplifting essence. Encouraging us to uplift or offer to spirit, both the ordinary and difficult, as well as the beautiful or joyous aspects of our lives. Smoothing the path of healing and personal development

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