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15ml Stock Bottle: Energetic imprint of Paterson's Curse, 60% Purified Water / 40% Organic Alcohol

DESCRIPTION: Amber includes the plant and animal kingdoms. It is not actually a mineral but is often used in jewellery. Amber Essence helps us to recognise and acknowledge our inclusion and participation in the web of life. It supports the integration of subtle perception and allows more awareness of the resonance of life. As we accept our participation in the dynamic flow of life, the balance between our focus on the material world and the more subtle energies stabilises. Amber Essence balances the electrical and energetic aspects of our bodies so is beneficial in clearing meridian pathways and supporting the chakra and meridian structures to communicate with the neural pathways.

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This essence is made with a piece of Amber with ants included. 

The seeping of resin is a very active time in any forest. It is an active focus of insect life, and for the plants. In Amber we have that moment fossilised, linking mineral, plant and insect. This essence communicates an acknowledgement of Life. In doing so it also draws attention to the electromagnetic or etheric energy, allowing one to be more aware. In communicating an acknowledgement of life the essence can also communicate a "spiritualizing of the intellect", as Gurudas has described. This process can give rise to a more neutral view of anything we are perceiving as causing agitation. Particularly mental agitation. This can be described by looking at the intense attraction the insects have for the resin, in its fluid state, where they are often caught struggling. Just as our minds are often caught in intense focus and agitation which is hard to release.

Through the new awareness of life we often gain a more neutral view of those things which agitate our mind.

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