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Communicating deep confirmation of your spiritual connection and path, grounding even in situations of  trauma and fright. Maintaining this connection assists healing to rise easily and to smoothly allow recovery, encouraging us to step forward in life. Transformation and change is often the natural outcome of trauma. This mandala supports a smooth movement into constructive integration and transformation.

New Dawn also communicates aspects of the giving and receiving compassion. Often the inability to give or receive compassion slows and sometimes stops a natural path of healing. The Yoake Oil/ New Dawn Oil communicates a state of easy compassion where loving kindness and compassion is openly given and received.

Developed to assist all beings enduring natural and man made catastrophe. A response to the Tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan in 2011.  This mandala is rapidly becoming a favourite for those affected by the needed yet rapid change of the last few years. 

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Humanifest Mandala Oils

Each of the Humanifest Mandala Oils is a complex formula of Gem, Flower, Animal and Environmental Essences layered in essential and base oils. They are designed to communicate aspects of Unconditional Love, Compassion, Wisdom or Balance.

A mandala built with essences and oils communicates directly to the energetic structure of each cell within the body. When it includes mineral, plant, animal
and environmental aspects, it is a multi-dimensional expression which when introduced to a living being’s energetic system expands and activates through all dimensions of that being.

In visual mandalas the interaction of layered color and shape create a delicate and intricate balance. When used for spiritual practice these patterns hold and communicate states of wisdom and awareness. Where the mandala is of essences and oils the communication of aspects of awareness and healing occur through contact with the skin and aura.

In the Humanifest Mandala Oils, each essence holds an element of the awareness intrinsic to the whole mandala. The essences and oils also support each level of our being so that integration is deeper and any shifts in awareness can be more effectively realized and grounded within a supportive environment.

 The Humanifest Mandala Oils have been developed with an intention of supporting the deeply healing human aspect of unconditional love, and the wisdom that springs from it. The mandala oils are more deeply experienced when in an environment of sharing with others. 

Contains Vibrational Essences of Gem, Flower, Animal, Environment, Colour and Sound set in Oils of Organic Camellia, Organic Jojoba, Juniper, Rose Absolute, Rose Hip, Lotus ( white), Spikenard, Sandalwood ( Aust.), Frankincense, Aloe vera extract.

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