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Oil of Lapis Light

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This Mandala Oil was made by request from a friend and Buddhist Nun.  It is made in response to the compassion and wisdom of Medicine Buddha.  As a vibrational mandala it strengthens the healer within each of us and assists the focus and awareness needed to see patterns of suffering clearly, while allowing them to dissolve. This mandala oil is of most assistance when used with meditation or prayer.  Also to strengthen the healer or for anointing prior to a healing / therapy session. 

It is an oil which supports the therapist and / or the meditator to maintain the intention of compassion while remaining mentally alert and open.  This skill can greatly assist in the exhaustion often experienced by those working in the the caring fields. Lapis Oil also fosters the awareness that all things are an antidote for some suffering and therefore encourages gratitude.

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Humanifest Mandala Oils

Each of the Humanifest Mandala Oils is a complex formula of Gem, Flower, Animal and Environmental Essences layered in essential and base oils. They are designed to communicate aspects of Unconditional Love, Compassion, Wisdom or Balance.

A mandala built with essences and oils communicates directly to the energetic structure of each cell within the body. When it includes mineral, plant, animal
and environmental aspects, it is a multi-dimensional expression which when introduced to a living being’s energetic system expands and activates through all dimensions of that being.

In visual mandalas the interaction of layered color and shape create a delicate and intricate balance. When used for spiritual practice these patterns hold and communicate states of wisdom and awareness. Where the mandala is of essences and oils the communication of aspects of awareness and healing occur through contact with the skin and aura.

In the Humanifest Mandala Oils, each essence holds an element of the awareness intrinsic to the whole mandala. The essences and oils also support each level of our being so that integration is deeper and any shifts in awareness can be more effectively realized and grounded within a supportive environment.

 The Humanifest Mandala Oils have been developed with an intention of supporting the deeply healing human aspect of unconditional love, and the wisdom that springs from it. The mandala oils are more deeply experienced when in an environment of sharing with others. 

Lapis Oil ( Oil of Lapis Light)

Has been made in response to the compassion and wisdom of Medicine Buddha. It can inspire or support our development of compassion for self and others. Also we can use it to assist the healing process within ourselves or in healing relationships with others.   

Strengthens Meditational focus.


This oil in its making and during its use is offered in gratitude to and for the wellbeing of our teachers and the benefit of all Beings.

It contains Vibrational Essences of Gem, Flower, Animal, Environment, Colour, and Sound set in oils of Organic Jojoba, Organic Castor, Organic Camellia, Western Australian Sandalwood, Lotus ( white), Honey Myrtle, Helichrysum and Rose Absolute. 

It can be used in Meditation and Healing anywhere on the body. In both Healing and Meditation the Mantra can be spoken or chanted (this is not necessary, but is possible).

During Healing for self or others:

  •    Direct to the palm of hand, wrist pulse and crown of head.
  •    In the Bath - 1 cap.
  •    Massaged to acupressure points.

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