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Listening Deeply a Mindfulness Practice 
Whether we name it, Stillness, Contemplation, Dadirri, Mindfulness, Meditation or another name, a common thread runs through human healing, conscious living, healthy relationship, the creative arts and problem solving in nearly every human culture. This is resting in an awareness of Resonate Silence. This is what we are naming Deep Listening. This aspect of our humanity is rarely supported in industrialised society and our personal wellbeing, our relationships with each other and our environment, have been suffering.

A series of 4 Webinars Cost $44.00  These Webinars will be the Deep Listening Training.
These will be each month on the first Saturday of each month August through to November. Due to the time zones involved and the shift in daylight saving time across several time zones these Webinars will be held at 7pm. As we all shift times in Oct/ Nov the times may need to shift to be optimal for us all.

AUD $40.00

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