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Webinar Tourmaline Gem Essences , Clear and Black Tourmaline


Location Humanifest Zoom Meeting Room 26th May 7pm  Sydney  Time

The Tourmaline Gems are one of the major groups of essences among the Humanifest Essences. There are 7 gem essences in this group. They are especially important in several of the Mandala Oils.  Tonight we will look at the role of Tourmaline Essences in assisting the balancing of polarised energy, and their important role in promoting health and strength in the electrical aspects of  the human energy system. We will then go on to look at Clear Tourmaline and Black Tourmaline in depth.

Covering the actions of each of the essences  and their roles in supporting our on-going transformation and well being. Why they were each made and the effects of where the gems were sourced on the essences. There will be an opportunity to ask Wendi questions directly on these essences and how thay can be included in thereputic and transformational situations for yourself and your clients.


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