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Webinar Focus on Preparing Dosage bottles and mixing Essences, Gem Flower and Animal Essences


Location Humanifest Zoom Meeting Room 10th March 9am ( Sydney AEST)

This is a webinar discussing the process and possibilities in mixing essences across Flower, Mineral and Animal Kingdoms.

 This webinar will begin with a discussion of the basic process of mixing essences for a dosage bottle and go on to look in depth at the benefits and cautions involved in combining essences. As this webinar will primarily be of interest to those who are already approaching the process of mixing essences or who would like to but feel they do not know enough, your questions and concerns will be more important to the direction and depth of information available. So please bring the questions  to the webinar. 

Participants will be given access over the following 4 weeks to the audio files of the webinar.

The webinar will be given by Wendi Forbes and will be in a tutorial format. 

AUD $40.00

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