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Working with Essences that are Clear or White varieties of Quartz, Sapphire, Beryl, Fluorite, Kunzite/Hiddenite


Location Humanifest Zoom Meeting Room 28th March 8pm ( Sydney AEST)

We are kicking off the Webinar program for 2021 with our first webinar of the year in March.

Essences of the Clear/White varieties of Quartz, Sapphire, Beryl, Fluorite, Kunzite/Hiddenite

This webinar will be of support to Essence Practitioners,  Students of Vibrational Remedies and the interested individual.


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In the mineral world there are some  mineral types which have varieties displaying a wide spectrum of colours. In this Webinar we will look at the “neutral“ forms of Quartz, Beryl. Corundum, Fluorite and Kunzite/ Hiddenite. Each of those colour variants arise due to difference in inclusions, impurities or trace elements. While the difference in the colours and the causes of those colour differences indicate a difference in the pattern communicated in an essence the underlying pattern of the mineral is still very present in the communication of the essences. For example there are a wide variety of Quartz’s  spanning the full spectrum of colour.

When looking more deeply into the mixing of essences  for dosages  understanding the clear or neutral form of each of the more often used mineral groups gives the practitioner  a great deal of flexibility and confidence.

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