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Webinar Focus on Xanthorrhoea and Pink Mirbelia Essences


Location Humanifest Zoom Meeting Room 4pm 4th August 2018

This is a webinar discussing the New Humanifest Flower Essences of Xanthorrhoea and Pink Mirbelia.

The essences will become available as stock essences 2 weeks prior to the seminar. They will be on a discount price through the Humanifest webstore for the first two weeks, then move to the normal pricing for essences at stock level. 

Participants will be given access over the following 4 weeks to the audio files of the webinar.

The webinar will be given by Wendi Forbes and will be in a tutorial format. All questions will be welcome.

We find there is a wide variety in the experience of our participants so there is a wonderful opportunity to gain insight from the questions and experience of others.

This is also an oppertunity to ask Wendi questions directly on these essences and how thay can be included in therapeutic and transformational situations for yourself and your clients

AUD $40.00 tax excl.

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