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Pink Boronia

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Clarity of heart, a return to the clarity found when the heart and the crown chakra are at one. Pink Boronia uplifts the heart and grounds the higher chakras. Allowing the centres of the head to release stress and narrowed focus,  triggering the mind to drop it's anxiety and lack of clarity. This is an essence which re-stabilises the heart as central to self experience and inspiration, allowing the mind to refocus and release unhelpful avenues of thought. Giving clarity to our perspective and understanding of our role and actions in the world, especially in relationships. This is done by inspiring clarity of  heart in balance with the crown centre.  As an essence Boronia supports a broader view, an equanimity  when engaging with relationships and creative activity. This is an essence which encourages authentic self view and confidence, as it grounds our self experience in our heart, crown centre balance. 

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