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Deep Listening Retreat Level 2 October 2018 Australia

Whether we name it, Stillness, Contemplation, Dadirri, Mindfulness, Meditation or another name, a common thread runs through human healing, conscious living, healthy relationship, the creative arts and problem solving in nearly every human culture. This is the participation in deep listening. This aspect of our humanity is rarely supported in industrialised society and our personal wellbeing, our relationships with each other and our environment, have been suffering. 

Open for those who have participated in a Deep Listening Retreat and would like to deepen their skills. This retreat we will be taking time to reacquaint ourselves with what we learned last year and settle into the natural environment of Upper Kangaroo Valley. The over the next few days we will be learning processes to support Deep Listening in everyday life. Simple tools for aware living , bringing deep listening into our families, art, healing practices and communities. 
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"In my work as a healer, essence maker and teacher the most essential aspect has been this still, deep, respectful listening practice.  All the information and therapeutic technique is  less successful with out it. When working with the creative process and healing, the ability to listen deeply, to hear the non-verbal and verbal dialog of our own hearts and the hearts of others is an essential skill. As we develop this skill of listening the language of the environment opens up gaining clarity, supporting our actions as healers, artists and facilitators of transformation. " Wendi Forbes

When we spend time with the natural enviroment in deep listening, the opportunity to engage in "common union" with the earth, plant and animal realms is empowered. Aspects of support and wisdom becomes more avaliable. This process is essential to an Essence Therapist and Creative Artist.

A chance to share with you some of the practical tools I have learned in developing and supporting myself in deep listening over the last approximately 40years of meditative  and transformational journeying  as a individual and therapist. Giving you simple, yet profound, tools empowering  personal growth and creativity.

Supported by the peace of the Upper Kangaroo Valley, we will have weekend of listening, allowing, rest for our minds and nourishment in our being. 

Bring: Clothes for movement, comfort, wet weather and warmth, as some of the work will be outside, The tools of your self expression, art, music, writing, movement.

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