About us

Our company

Humanifest founded in 1998 is dedicated to well-being and happiness of all beings through the path of co-creation, compassion and kindness.

It is these aims, which have lead to the making of our Essences and Mandalas. In 1986 Wendi began making mineral essences exploring the process and developing a way to ground and integrate her own process of transformation. Gradually over the next few years it became more and more obvious that the essences being made were of value in the support of clients as they engaged in their own path of healing and transformation. 


Currently Humanifest supports the distribution of our essences and mandala oils internationally and maintains a training program for Essence practitioners.

We are based in the Blue Mountains, a dissected highland plateau west of Sydney, Australia. Here we have a regular clinic for consultation and essence workshops. The property is surrounded by extensive native bush land and National Park. Our essences are often made within the property and surrounding bush land in ongoing co-creation with our local environment.


New Essences are released gradually, and undergo ongoing review. We encourage practitioners and those using our essences to submit essence profiles and case histories. In maintaining a library of these testaments and observations of the action of essences we hope to continue the work other essence producers are doing in the scientific verification of the action of essences and the on going deepening of our understanding of consciousness and frequency as vital aspects of life.


Our Staff

Wendi Forbes:- Essence Practitioner and Energetic and Transformational Therapist, Essence  and Mandala production, Workshop Facilitator, Student Supervision Program Management.

Greg Defina:- Energetic and Transformation Practitioner, Workshop Facilitator, Computer Consultant and Office assistance.

Willow MacKay:-  Handles orders, requests, and maintains order in the Essence dispensaries.




..For me, Wendi's essence workshops are more like wonderful informal gatherings in a sacred place with other like-minded people seeking to deepen their awareness of frequency and interconnectedness.  It is impossible to come away unchanged and with a deepened awareness and appreciation and gratitude for all that surrounds us.  Wendi's insights on working with frequency in our daily lives and bringing these practices back to a point of simple truth are often so simple and yet incredibly powerful.  Life becomes far more uncomplicated and yet powerfully enriched at the same time..."

Jodie MacKay (Genuine Energies)


"Humanifest oils and essences have supported my growth and the healing journey of my clients over many years. They are created with the purest of intent, love and wisdom"

Matthew Carloss (Three Fold Flame)

"I have been working with the Humanifest essences for more than 10 years.....They penetrate at such a deep level, facilitating energetic and emotional shifts....They create a window of consciousness that supports me in opening to a different and more expanded perception of myself and life itself..... such a wonderful addition to add to your tool kit! "

Michelle Marie McGrath, (Self-love Mentor, Sacred Self).