On Line Seminar :- Combining Essences for Dosage Mixes.

Webinar Education Online course Environmental Essences Humanifest.

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March 31, 2019  To  March 31, 2019
Humanifest Zoom Room

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  • An essence of transformation Tanzanite connects and aligns the Heart and Throat with the energetic centres of the Head and outer Auric Bodies. This process of connection and alignment of these chakras supports the heart and mind to act as one, so that we can think with our heart as we turn our mind to the practice of loving-kindness. Tanzanite essence...

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  • Isometric CaF2 (Calcium Fluoride) Communicates balance between the intuitive wisdom and the logical mind bringing clarity, peace and confidence. This is a deeply calming essence.¬†Stimulating communication between the crown, 3rd eye and the heart chakras, Pink Fluorite essence dissipates negative energies, which limit the function of these 3 chakras. This...

    AUD $14.29
Showing 37 - 38 of 38 items