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  • Heart Oil
    Heart Oil

    Heart Oil acts to intricately balance and awaken the Heart Chakra in its...

    AUD $39.80
  • Consecration Oil
    Consecration Oil

     Strengthening the central channels, and therefore the chakra system....

    AUD $42.44
  • New Dawn Oil
    New Dawn Oil

    Communicating deep confirmation of your spiritual connection and path,...

    AUD $40.81
  • Oil of Lapis Light
    Oil of Lapis Light

    This Mandala Oil was made by request from a friend and Buddhist Nun.  It...

    AUD $50.00
  • Pink Flannel Flower
    Pink Flannel Flower

    15ml Stock Bottle: Energetic imprint of Pink Flannel Flower, 60%...

    AUD $14.29
  • Peace Oil 15ml
    Peace Oil

    This is a Mandala Oil well suited to ongoing support of inner...

    AUD $37.14
  • Pillar of Light
    Pillar of Light

    Pillar of Light supports us in living an integrated life. Supporting a...

    AUD $40.81
  • Snakeskin

    15ml Stock Bottle: Energetic imprint of Snakeskin, 60% Purified Water /...

    AUD $14.29
  • Quartz:- Clear Quartz
    Clear Quartz

    15ml Stock Bottle Energetic imprint of Clear Quartz  [SiO2] in 40%...

    AUD $14.29
  • Diamond

    15ml Stock Bottle: An energetic imprint of Diamond [C]  in 60% Purified...

    AUD $14.29


Supervision For Humanifest Certification Assignment

From :
To :
Venue : Monthly with Wendi Forbes


Supervision for Humanifest Certification Assignment AUD $40.00 Buy Tickets 

Please inquire directly to Wendi Forbes by phone or to organize an appointment

Contact Person : wendi
Phone : 0407701125
Email :
Address : 162 Mt Hay Rd Leura NSW