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Webinar: Tourmaline Gem Essences , Green and Aqua-Blue Tourmaline

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June 30, 2019  To  June 30, 2019
Humanifest Zoom Room 7pm AEST

Webinar: Tourmaline Gem Essences , Green and Aqua-Blue Tourmaline

From : Sunday, June 30, 2019
To : Sunday, June 30, 2019
Venue : Humanifest Zoom Room 7pm AEST

Location Humanifest Zoom Meeting Room 26th May 7pm Sydney Time Last Month we introduced the Tourmaline system of essences and discussed the Black and Clear tourmaline essences. Thank you to those of you who participated, the questions raised supported a lively discussion. Id like to welcome you all to an evening webinar focusing on the Green and Aqua-Blue Tourmaline essences. The Tourmaline Gems are one of the major groups of essences. The actions of the tourmaline essences give us great precision in blending dosage bottles. Their actions invite us into a remarkable level of clarity in understanding our own experience of life and consciousness. We will be covering the actions of each of the essences and their roles in supporting our on-going transformation and well being. Why they were each made and the effects of where the gems were sourced on the essences. Questions are very welcome and in fact support much more detailed sharing of information. All levels of skill are welcome. Access to Audio of the event is given to participants Cost $40 AUD ex GST Contact

Contact Person : Wendi Forbes
Email :