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  • Heart Oil acts to intricately balance and awaken the Heart Chakra in its role as the balance point for all the subtle bodies. It is a mandala of Vibrational Essences of Gems and Flowers, in Rose Absolute and Myrrh Organic Jojoba, Macadamia, Sweet Almond and Apricot Kernel Oils.  N.B. contains Nut Oils.

    AUD $39.80
  •  Strengthening the central channels, and therefore the chakra system. Sealing the auric field by balancing energy flow in the central channels. Confirming an integrated spiritual, mental, physical experience, it is very grounding and thus protective. It is an Energetic Mandala of Gem, Flower and Colour Essences set in Jojoba, Myrrh and Frankincense oils...

    AUD $42.44
  • Communicating deep confirmation of your spiritual connection and path, grounding even in situations of  trauma and fright. Maintaining this connection assists healing to rise easily and to smoothly allow recovery, encouraging us to step forward in life. Transformation and change is often the natural outcome of trauma. This mandala supports a smooth...

    AUD $40.81
  • This Mandala Oil was made by request from a friend and Buddhist Nun.  It is made in response to the compassion and wisdom of Medicine Buddha.  As a vibrational mandala it strengthens the healer within each of us and assists the focus and awareness needed to see patterns of suffering clearly, while allowing them to dissolve. This mandala oil is of most...

    AUD $50.00
  • This is a Mandala Oil well suited to ongoing support of inner development. Supporting the process of living at one with self and therefore  others. Acceptance of unity rather than the aspiration to it. This acceptance nurtures a living sense of self, or being, not delineated by separation from others. Peace Oil is a mandala which supports meditation, and...

    AUD $37.14
  • Pillar of Light supports us in living an integrated life. Supporting a healthy balanced basis for personal development and the nurturing of self and others. This Mandala Oil strengthens our spiritual life as an integrated whole, supporting the free flow of light through our central channels out into our auric field. Supporting us to be fully present in...

    AUD $40.81
  • 15ml Stock Bottle: An energetic imprint of Gold [ Au], in 60% Purified Water / 40% Organic Eau de Vie DESCRIPTION: Gold is known as the great Balancer of the Heart. Communicates balance between self-love and unconditional love. Stimulates the desire for illumination and for personal growth.  Strengthens the energy of the heart chakra. Supports us in...

    AUD $14.29
  • 15ml Stock Bottle: Energetic imprint of Pink Flannel Flower, 60% Purified Water/40% Organic Alcohol DESCRIPTION: Pink Flannel Flower is a gentle essence of the heart. Communicating a sense of self that goes beyond trauma or self-perception, allowing us to re-experience ourselves lovingly. The heart opens gently, easing separation from and comparison with...

    AUD $14.29
  • 15ml Stock Bottle: An energetic imprint of Amethyst [Si2O], in 60% Purified Water / 40% Organic Alcohol DESCRIPTION: An essence, which communicates an integration between spiritual awareness, loving kindness and cognitive function. Amethyst supports wisdom, stillness, humility and loving service. With this essence a balance can develop between our higher...

    AUD $14.29
  • 15ml Stock Essence of Turquoise ( Australian) [CuA16(PO4)4(OH)84H2O] in Purified H2O 60% and Organic Alcohol 40% DESCRIPTION: Communicates awareness of frequency or  energetic information in our environment and insight into how we receive this information. Giving more choice in how to respond to the communication of others or the environment in which we...

    AUD $14.29

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